Designing & Developing

Creative Software Solutions

RedWizardry is able to document business specifications and then turn them into fully functional mobile, cloud and back-office applications. We help start-ups and corporates like yours, start, run and grow world-class businesses remotely or on-premise 


mobile application Development

Mobile applications has become the answer to many business problems and help many businesses grow and flourish, at RedWizardry, we believe that we have what it takes to build a mobile application for your business and take your business to the next level.

application Development

Back-office applications and server applications have been around since way before the internet and mobile applications. RedWizardry has its roots in back-end and browser based applications and can create solutions for your business, whether it is an on-premise browse based or a cloud-based application.

Website Development and Hosting

Whether you want to list your business services, its products or even sell online, RedWizardry can design, host, implement and maintain a beautiful website for your business, while enhancing your business' agility and growth.

Hardware, Consulting and Support

Red Wizardry can source, configure and install servers to ensure that your business can perform at its peak. We can also provide consulting services on a once-off or on-going basis, remotely or on-premise, to ensure that your projects run smoothly and get delivered on time.

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RedWizardry is made up of a dynamic and passionate team of technology enthusiasts, with years of custom software development expertise and continuously strives to deliver the best software solutions and not only deliver a workable software solution, but to enhance and support your business.