Red Wizardry

New Sales Consultant

New Sales Consultant Red Wizardry is delighted to extend a warm welcome to Jacques Stroh, who has recently joined our ever-expanding team! Originally from the vibrant region of KwaZulu Natal, Jacques brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role as a sales consultant at Red Wizardry. With […]

New Junior Software Engineers

New Junior Software Engineers: Joshua Jason and Aidan Watt

New Junior Software Engineers After searching the IT landscape for minds keen to grow their Java knowledge we finally found then! We would like to welcome our new Junior Software Engineers, Joshua Jason (left) and Aidan Watt (right) to RedWizardry.  Both Joshua and Aidan are eager to learn and grow […]

Chef Brett’s mobile application goes live!


Chef Brett is a qualified chef with over 30 years experience. Brett was an Executive Chef at Mariners Wharf in Hout Bay for over 13 years until the Covid lockdowns closed the restaurant for foreseeable future.  Chef Brett turned the negative experience into a positive opportunity. Every week Chef Brett […]

Clear signs you need to engage expert custom software developers

Desktop application development

Clear signs you need to engage expert custom software developers If you’re a small to medium business owner, the speed at which technology is advancing and changing can make it hard to compete with the bigger players, or stay ahead of new competitors in your niche who offer the latest […]